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Thursday, May 25th, 2006
12:42 pm - 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX -- $15,500 OBO -- Denver, CO

Selling my 2002 Subaru WRX

More info here

Please fwd to anyone that might be interested.

(sorry for the x-post)

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Friday, May 5th, 2006
12:36 am

Привет из России!!! Знаете как здорово разбивать на российских дорогах наши, и без того разбитые запорожцы? Что там ваши Мерседесы, Ягуары, Феррари которые не выдержат и 50000 км без ремонта... Запорожец это сила!!! Вот у него настоящий выхлоп! Покруче чем после Borl'овской обработки! Всем еще раз привет! Буш - мудак!

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Monday, February 13th, 2006
2:16 pm - The Straight Dope

"On Cell Phones and Driving" (or: "Duh!")

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Thursday, May 26th, 2005
12:51 pm

Personal request in cut... Sorry...Collapse )

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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
6:35 pm - i really hate my life.


'failure to yield right of way while exiting driveway' - $153 to the City of Federal Way
stupid bitch in a toyota tundra thinks she wasn't doing anything wrong and does't get cited for it even when told otheriwse by the officer - $well, i'll find out soon enough :(

one very broken '04 hyundai elantra - $even more

first 'at-fault' accident and ticket ever - Pricey

i'm going to talk to my insurance company about fighting it, I don't believe I was at fault.  She was travelling at a speed near or higher tha the speed limit, in the median lane, which I was attempting to turn into, when she hit my car, I was movig at ~3mph and was almost all the way into the lane when she hit me.

a lady in the office in the parking lot i was turning out of said she saw the toyota speeding up the median from several blocks down.  driving, or passing in the median except to make the next turn off that street is a nono.  But I didn't see her get a ticket.  The officer told my co-worker we were BOTH at fault.  Meaning I pay for my shit, she pays for hers.  Hopefully that's the case, but I still believe I wasn't violating any traffic law.  Traffic was backed up fairly far on this street, and the two oncoming (from my left) cars stopped before the driveway I was attempting to exit and waved me out.  I slowly crept out and into the median when I was struck bythe tundra.

officer pon seems to believe i was still failing to yield when it certainly seemed to me at the people with the right of way were yielding it to me.  (They couldn't have gone any further forward anyway, as traffic was backed up from the stoplight 1 block to my right (1st way S) to 9th ave S)  Also, there were no turns to the left off this road, so she had no reason to ever be in the median in the directoin she was travelling.  Additionally, she claimed to be late for picking up her kids, yet the closest school would require a right turn from the road she was on in the direction she was travelling.  So uh, why was she passing in the median and what was she going to do when she got to the light?  Cut across two lanes of traffic to make a right turn? 


SO.  I'm going to talk to insurance company, hopefully they will help me fight this.  I don't think I should have to pay this ticket.  I also don't believe I should have to pay to fix my car, or her truck (which, incidentally, wasn't terribly damaged, new bumper skin and probably the mounts, the headlight looked intact) she drove away, uninjured, she was even crawling around inside her truck looking for something, and then exited via the passenger door.  <shakes head>

my car, undrivable.  every part of the front end is relocated or cracked, bent, or completely broken.   The radiator popped out of its mounts on the driver's side and is leaning against the transmission, when I start the car it vibrates greatly (I can't actually see anything infereing with the engine, and there are no strange noises)

The inside of the driver's front wheel well is jabbing/rubbing the tire.  The lights don't work, none of them. (In the front)

The air bag didn't go off, I will speak with someone from Hyundai about why that might be. (The seat-belt pre-tensioner worked perfectly, I wouldn't have needed the bag anyway)

The primary latch on the hood will not engage.  The secondary does, however, but is rather loose.

The driver's side front tow hook was crushed, and the truck driver couldn't properly hook my car up to the flatbed, and so we just had to hope for the best.

The radiator while relocated, has yet to leak.

Overall I actually have to commend the engineering of the Elantra.  The car is _movable_ under its own power, possibly short-distance drivable if not for the bits poking the tire.  The passenger cab was completely undamaged (to my eye). And while the air bag didn't go off, the seat belt kept me pressed to my seat and while my neck is a tad sore, I am otherwise completely intact.   If by chance my Elantra is totalled, once I'm financially sorted, I will purchase another Hyundai.  :)  (I never thought I'd say that after owning a '88 excel and the experience I had with my '04 Accent)

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10:40 am

I am selling my 94 honda civic ex (5-speed manual) it's in great shape no dings or scraches or anything. It runs great the only problem i can think of is the drivers side window is a little slow rolling up and down. A/c and everything works great. Automatic everything, tilt stearing, am/fm cd player, sliding sunroof, wired for subwoofer, and has a great security device (car can't be started without special chip in the keychain). It has nice rims and is lowered, it has a short shifter, short ram intake, exhaust, tinted windows, spoiler and also white gauges. I am only selling her because I want a truck. Shes a really good car with 130k miles. I am asking 4900. I live in the bay area california.



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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
5:09 pm

Wyoming deadliest state for driving. When you base it on population it is no wonder with less than 500,000 people in the whole dang state it only takes a few deaths to put us over the top. 165 people died on Wyoming's highways last year. Only AK, DC, NH, ND, VT, DE, HI were lower (not in that order) Now change the statistics to 100,000 miles driven and we drop near the bottom.

True, our weather and terrain catch many off guard, but still...

Just irks me.

It is just like when people harp on truckers for accidents (you are within a 2 mile radius of an accident in a big truck it is your fault). They never mention that the accident rate for large trucks (over 10K gvwr) is the lowest ever (per 1,000,000 miles driven and total accident rate) and that incidents involving large/combination vehicles where the truck was at fault is only at 20% (roughly, NTSB numbers). And this is a time where record numbers of trucks are on the road. Shouldn't the accident rate be going up? Well, it ain't. The industry is getting safer and policing itself better. But if you listen to the spin doctors, the drivers sit around over coffee and plot/plan motorists deaths by the score.

I even found a I even found a site that will help you find an attorney if you are injured in an accident. Funny thing, the two accidents I could find where they showed pictures of what the big, bad, truckers did to the poor helpless citizen in an effort to get you to sue if you are in an accident were the fault of the "4-wheeler" and not the truck at all.

So are all drivers saints? Not by a long shot, but the MAJORITY of drivers are decent safe law abiding citizens.

I still say that if you want the highways safer, make the laws that govern truckers the same for all drivers. Half the people would not be on the road, the environment would be cleaner, fuel resources would be more plentiful and public transportation would be the norm.

< / rant >

*the soap box is now available for the next topic/speaker*

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Monday, August 23rd, 2004
12:18 pm - 2002 Ford Focus for sale

My boyfriend's trying to sell his car quick! If you know anyone at all that's interested please get in touch.

Yellow 2002 Ford Focus zx5
22,307 miles
Premium sound
$8,200 OBO
Denver, CO

Call 720.933.4396 (ask for Dan) or email me with any questions (tiffanyw at timecentre dot net)

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
3:39 pm
rollnalexus Hello Everyone,
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask questions, or not. I am trying out quite a few communities to see if I can get some responses to my problem. I am bored with my car... and I am currently stuck in a lease. I am looking to purchase or lease a new car, but it will be expensive for me to break the agreement I signed. I am hoping someone could make some suggestions of how I can get a new car without being asked for huge amounts of money on my down payment due to my lease. I was searching online, and have found a couple places that seem like they could help me. This place Lease Trading seems to be alright. I am not exactly sure how this process would work though. I've never used anything like this so if you have could you let me know what you think... that would be great. From everything I have read this place is legit. And they have some great luxury vehicles up... the website say that the can find someone to assume your lease so you dont have to pay... It also says I can cut the cost of breaking my lease in half. Well anyhow... I am rambling. Is a lease assumption even possible?

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Thursday, June 24th, 2004
5:16 pm

This isn't so much about road rage, but I thought it might interest some of you anyway.

My recounting of my visit today to GM's Auto Show in Motion.


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Thursday, May 27th, 2004
5:52 pm

"If you need help with your HP, try installing the state of the art 9PC. Muffler Bearings byT.S.R. in your exhaust system. I hear all these cars going down the road making a racket and I think to myself, there has to be something missing to make that rattling sound. Well I found out what it was, it’s missing the muffler bearings."

Bid on me here!!!

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
10:46 pm

In other news I got to witness a near hit this morning. Chicka was putting on makeup/plucking eyebrows or something in the rearview mirror and changed lanes without looking. Other car had to pull onto the emergency lane to avoid the collision. The whole situation was made ironically comical by the bumpersticker on the ladys car

it saidCollapse )

As if you hadn't already guessed it.

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
3:08 am

Figured it might be worth posting this here.

My Rules of the RoadCollapse )

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
11:43 am
ex_proverb Okay, I work on Saturdays. I do customer service for General Motors. When people have complaints about their cars (usually, their new, expensive cars which they stupidly persist in calling "investments"), when something breaks and they whine about not wanting to pay for it, they call me. As you can imagine, it carries it's share of stresses. I do this for nearly ten hours a day. So when I get off work, I want to go home, want to be at home away from stupid people. But the problem is Saturday afternoon traffic just meanders along at its own retarded slow pace. ARGH. Am still upset over it.

You know those intersections where you can turn a certain direction without having to stop, because the other streets have to stop. Of course I get stuck behind some stupid old man in an Altima who stops. Normally, I'm not much of a horn honker, because it's demeaning, but I was already angry, so I lay on it. We both turn left and since I know not to stop I'm right on his bumper. We're right at the only stretch of that twist back road that is decent to permit passing, so I immediately whip into the left lane, to buzz past. But apparently, the guy has taken offense to my chastising him for unnecesarily stopping (can't imagine why), and he decides not to let me pass him. I get up to about 65 when I notice that he's sped up to disallow my pass. This pisses me off, of course, because not only is it a direct slap-in-the-face insult, but it's also a juevenile, dangeous prank to leave me hanging out there. But unfortunately, my speed governor kicks in, and he sails past and leaves me snarling obscenities at his bumper--mostly, due to wounded pride, I admit. Anyhow, an eighth of a mile later he turns into the marina, and I'm left without any opening to vent my pique. Which was probably for the best.

Okay. That was my confessional. Maybe I can let it go now.

Grr, ALTIMAAAAAAA! ::shakes fist at the heavens:: I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

Here are some traffic haikus and funnies I thought y'all might enjoyCollapse )

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
10:14 pm

ok i may recieve some heat from this...but im new here and i just need to vent. i hope you all can be understanding


now that thats out of the way

i hate them with a passion...there is no use for them. i am obsessed with cars and read tons of magazines. statistics prove that around 90% of all large suv's are driven by women...and all the do is just drive to work or to the grocery store. you know...im sure youve all seen those huge black suv's roll up and a very small woman has to jump down from them. ITS BULL SHIT. people complain about gas prices and how we're all going to use up the worlds recources.. STOP DRIVING SUV's theyre worthless. statistics also prove that they are the most dangerous vehicles on the road...to be in and to be struck by. i work on cars ALOT and i can tell anyone that 85% of all these SUV's on the road with huge rims are UNSAFE...what people dont realize and what dealers dont tell them is that when you put those large rims on, you increase the rotating mass incredibly. making the stock brakes inadequate...so when theyre in traffic and those stupid soccer moms are bearing down on you..they run up on your ass because they cant stop.


sorry i just had to say it again

why cant we all just drive economic cars and only use trucks when we have to haul something.

traffic should consist of vans, small cars, pickups, and the occasional hot rod or custom.

suv's look so stupid

sorry if any of you drive an suv, but your car sucks, and you should get something else.

oh another point....THINK ABOUT WHAT SUV MEANS...sport utility vehicle. WHERE is the sport or utlity in a god damned Escalade, Navigator, or Denali. its all shit...or how about the Acura, Lexus, Porsche or mercedes SUV's, its a bunch of bull. if youre going to get an suv get something like a jeep or land rover..and no im not talking about a grand cherokee or something like that because those are worthless too. get something that is durable and can actually drive off the paved streets and haul things other than nice soft people.


please comment...which ever side you are on

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004
5:02 pm - What are the odds, even in my small whistle stop...

It all started out two days ago.. I was happily riding on two, down town going about 30 mph through the residential area of our short Main Street. Just enjoying life, getting to ride a bit before dinner, you know the type of ride.. the one that usually brings you home in a good mood to meet the wife and kids with a smile.

Gliding up an intersection, that I have right-of-way on. I make eye contact with the lady driving the car at the stop sign of the crossing street. She saw me, I saw her and she gassed it. SHIT! I'm committed already. Down shift and twist! She missed that rear tire by about a foot. When I looked behind me she was stopped looking around all confused like she wondered where I came from.

Did I mention I'm a supporter of driver testing beyond the age of 60, did I mention that? Did I? Huh?

Today.. a quick run to the bank to grab some cash to pay the lawn guy. What a wonderful day... a joy to ride even 5 blocks. So I buzzed down Main and headed back home smiling after I hit the drive-thru ATM at the bank. Well don't ya know.. this time 3 blocks from my driveway... out pops this damn light blue Ford LTD with the same woman driving... and making eye contact too. This time she comes to a complete stop, I swing really wide, like into the other lane on a two lane road, then she gasses it! She was on my right side, left blinker flashing.. car even facing that direction... but NO, she wants to turn right... like she wants to run me down. SHIT! AGAIN! Down shift and twist!

Did I mention that I'm a supporter of driver testing after the age of 60, did I mention that? Did I? Huh?

Ya know.. I'll be 40 in a couple of months.. maybe she's warming up to give me a gift of hospital time? *shrugs* Well.. you're right if you think I would be crazy to turn in front of her.. I didn't risk it.. I kept the gas on until she was WAY in the rear view.. then I turned off and came home.

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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004
6:00 pm
ex_proverb Hi all. Am sprouting devil's horns at having found this community. My family thinks I'm crazy. Not so much a road rager, just... I know what these drivers are going to do. This jerk's going to pull in front of me doing 40 while I'm going 70 on the highway. That fool in my blind spot doesn't realize the road goes down to one lane in a mile. Yeah, I'm know you're pissed at me for passing you on the right because you're doing 50 and I'm doing 70. That's why I'm going to cheerfully ignore you and make you even madder. Muahahahaha!

I'm really just a racehorse. I can't stand to have someone in front of me, or someone coming up behind me going faster than I am. Furthermore, I enjoy making other drivers mad.

I haven't been ticketed yet, but I'm sure I don't have long to live.

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
11:37 am

Where is the line between changing lanes in front of someone and cutting them off? And where is the line between someone changing lanes in front of you and cutting you off? Are they the same line?

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Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
10:21 am

People who drive side by side at the same speed blocking all the lanes.

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Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
9:02 am - Commuter Blues

Okay...I haven't done one of these in awhile...here it goes.

To the asshole who thought the four way stop ettiquette doesn't apply to him and went when it wasn't his turn....FUCK YOU!

To the two 18-wheel drivers who rode side by side for 6 miles at 8 miles under the speed limit...FUCK YOU!

To the bitch in the Toyota Corolla who was afraid to pass one of the aforementioned trucks...FUCK YOU!

To the 6 cars that turned left on an obviously red arrow because I HAD THE FUCKING GREEN LIGHT!!! FUCK YOU TOO!


I'm so sick of these drivers who feel that the road rules apply to everyone else but them. I love the people who flip ME off when THEY are the ones running the red light!

Here in Chicago, there's a big uproar over BIG BROTHER watching the intersections. Cameras who watch your every move and if you blow a light, you get a ticket, along with a picture of you, your car and your license plate! HOW DARE THEY!

My feelings? If you obey the traffic laws, what do you have to worry about?

I'm SOOO sick of the I'M SO IMPORTANT drivers who feel that they can turn left on an expired arrow just because the person ahead of them went through. What happened to taking responsibility for your own actions? Many times, I've had to sit and WAIT through MY green for the left hand parade to stop!!!!!

It's days like today I wish I had my ex's beast olds and rammed the MF'ers off the road.


(We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming)

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