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Commuter Blues

Okay...I haven't done one of these in it goes.

To the asshole who thought the four way stop ettiquette doesn't apply to him and went when it wasn't his turn....FUCK YOU!

To the two 18-wheel drivers who rode side by side for 6 miles at 8 miles under the speed limit...FUCK YOU!

To the bitch in the Toyota Corolla who was afraid to pass one of the aforementioned trucks...FUCK YOU!

To the 6 cars that turned left on an obviously red arrow because I HAD THE FUCKING GREEN LIGHT!!! FUCK YOU TOO!


I'm so sick of these drivers who feel that the road rules apply to everyone else but them. I love the people who flip ME off when THEY are the ones running the red light!

Here in Chicago, there's a big uproar over BIG BROTHER watching the intersections. Cameras who watch your every move and if you blow a light, you get a ticket, along with a picture of you, your car and your license plate! HOW DARE THEY!

My feelings? If you obey the traffic laws, what do you have to worry about?

I'm SOOO sick of the I'M SO IMPORTANT drivers who feel that they can turn left on an expired arrow just because the person ahead of them went through. What happened to taking responsibility for your own actions? Many times, I've had to sit and WAIT through MY green for the left hand parade to stop!!!!!

It's days like today I wish I had my ex's beast olds and rammed the MF'ers off the road.


(We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming)
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