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i really hate my life.

'failure to yield right of way while exiting driveway' - $153 to the City of Federal Way
stupid bitch in a toyota tundra thinks she wasn't doing anything wrong and does't get cited for it even when told otheriwse by the officer - $well, i'll find out soon enough :(

one very broken '04 hyundai elantra - $even more

first 'at-fault' accident and ticket ever - Pricey

i'm going to talk to my insurance company about fighting it, I don't believe I was at fault.  She was travelling at a speed near or higher tha the speed limit, in the median lane, which I was attempting to turn into, when she hit my car, I was movig at ~3mph and was almost all the way into the lane when she hit me.

a lady in the office in the parking lot i was turning out of said she saw the toyota speeding up the median from several blocks down.  driving, or passing in the median except to make the next turn off that street is a nono.  But I didn't see her get a ticket.  The officer told my co-worker we were BOTH at fault.  Meaning I pay for my shit, she pays for hers.  Hopefully that's the case, but I still believe I wasn't violating any traffic law.  Traffic was backed up fairly far on this street, and the two oncoming (from my left) cars stopped before the driveway I was attempting to exit and waved me out.  I slowly crept out and into the median when I was struck bythe tundra.

officer pon seems to believe i was still failing to yield when it certainly seemed to me at the people with the right of way were yielding it to me.  (They couldn't have gone any further forward anyway, as traffic was backed up from the stoplight 1 block to my right (1st way S) to 9th ave S)  Also, there were no turns to the left off this road, so she had no reason to ever be in the median in the directoin she was travelling.  Additionally, she claimed to be late for picking up her kids, yet the closest school would require a right turn from the road she was on in the direction she was travelling.  So uh, why was she passing in the median and what was she going to do when she got to the light?  Cut across two lanes of traffic to make a right turn? 


SO.  I'm going to talk to insurance company, hopefully they will help me fight this.  I don't think I should have to pay this ticket.  I also don't believe I should have to pay to fix my car, or her truck (which, incidentally, wasn't terribly damaged, new bumper skin and probably the mounts, the headlight looked intact) she drove away, uninjured, she was even crawling around inside her truck looking for something, and then exited via the passenger door.  <shakes head>

my car, undrivable.  every part of the front end is relocated or cracked, bent, or completely broken.   The radiator popped out of its mounts on the driver's side and is leaning against the transmission, when I start the car it vibrates greatly (I can't actually see anything infereing with the engine, and there are no strange noises)

The inside of the driver's front wheel well is jabbing/rubbing the tire.  The lights don't work, none of them. (In the front)

The air bag didn't go off, I will speak with someone from Hyundai about why that might be. (The seat-belt pre-tensioner worked perfectly, I wouldn't have needed the bag anyway)

The primary latch on the hood will not engage.  The secondary does, however, but is rather loose.

The driver's side front tow hook was crushed, and the truck driver couldn't properly hook my car up to the flatbed, and so we just had to hope for the best.

The radiator while relocated, has yet to leak.

Overall I actually have to commend the engineering of the Elantra.  The car is _movable_ under its own power, possibly short-distance drivable if not for the bits poking the tire.  The passenger cab was completely undamaged (to my eye). And while the air bag didn't go off, the seat belt kept me pressed to my seat and while my neck is a tad sore, I am otherwise completely intact.   If by chance my Elantra is totalled, once I'm financially sorted, I will purchase another Hyundai.  :)  (I never thought I'd say that after owning a '88 excel and the experience I had with my '04 Accent)

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