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What are the odds, even in my small whistle stop...

It all started out two days ago.. I was happily riding on two, down town going about 30 mph through the residential area of our short Main Street. Just enjoying life, getting to ride a bit before dinner, you know the type of ride.. the one that usually brings you home in a good mood to meet the wife and kids with a smile.

Gliding up an intersection, that I have right-of-way on. I make eye contact with the lady driving the car at the stop sign of the crossing street. She saw me, I saw her and she gassed it. SHIT! I'm committed already. Down shift and twist! She missed that rear tire by about a foot. When I looked behind me she was stopped looking around all confused like she wondered where I came from.

Did I mention I'm a supporter of driver testing beyond the age of 60, did I mention that? Did I? Huh?

Today.. a quick run to the bank to grab some cash to pay the lawn guy. What a wonderful day... a joy to ride even 5 blocks. So I buzzed down Main and headed back home smiling after I hit the drive-thru ATM at the bank. Well don't ya know.. this time 3 blocks from my driveway... out pops this damn light blue Ford LTD with the same woman driving... and making eye contact too. This time she comes to a complete stop, I swing really wide, like into the other lane on a two lane road, then she gasses it! She was on my right side, left blinker flashing.. car even facing that direction... but NO, she wants to turn right... like she wants to run me down. SHIT! AGAIN! Down shift and twist!

Did I mention that I'm a supporter of driver testing after the age of 60, did I mention that? Did I? Huh?

Ya know.. I'll be 40 in a couple of months.. maybe she's warming up to give me a gift of hospital time? *shrugs* Well.. you're right if you think I would be crazy to turn in front of her.. I didn't risk it.. I kept the gas on until she was WAY in the rear view.. then I turned off and came home.
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